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Feb 16, 2021
Here's a wee list of pro/semi-pro lit mags that publish SFF
This is a TINY sample of the magazines out there, so please add more below. I'm only adding paying mags, but add non-paying ones cause those can be great too. Another great resource is Submittable. You can play around with their filters to find something that fits (all genres). But be careful on submittable because there are thousands of magazines that charge to submit- If they're charging you, that means author's money is their main source of income, not readers. Anyways. These might already be familiar but here they are:

Submissions - Uncanny Magazine (open to flash fiction, from 750 to 1499 words) 10c per word
Submissions - Apex Magazine (open to short and flash, up to 7500 words) 8c per word
Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy (check out their long list of what they're not looking for) 12c per word
Fantasy and Science Fiction - Writers' Guidelines (up to 25k words)
Writer's Guidelines - Analog Science Fiction and Fact (up to 20k, they also publish serials, up to 80k)
Writer's Guidelines - Asimov’s Science Fiction (up to 20k)
Submissions – INTERZONE

Currently closed to submissions, but keep an eye on their socials for them to open again:

Fiction Submission Guidelines (strange horizons)
Submissions — Weird Tales
Moksha (Lightspeed)

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Also tagging old @MattScho cause some of these might be a good fit for your zombie multiverse
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