new writer

  1. NAudley

    new member

    Hello All :) just thought I would introduce myself as a new member to the group. I have been writing for the last five years mainly as a playwright, but in the last two have been developing my novels.
  2. Louise

    Children's picture book writer seeking agent

    Evening colonists! The instructions on AgentPete's treasure map said the first thing new Litopia members should do is introduce themselves here. So that's what I'm doing. I'm Louise and I'm an unrepresented children's author currently making submissions.
  3. David Newrick

    Fanfare! Northern Writers' Awards

    I have just found about these awards and thought I would let everyone know here about it. To be eligible you must live in the frozen wasteland otherwise know as Northern England. New Writing North state on the awards website - 'Writers applying for the awards must currently live full-time in...
  4. A

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello folks, Nice to join you all on here. I had to think a bit too hard about the verification question so relieved to have got it right! My name is Andrew Carter, I'm a twenty-nine year old writer from Leeds, England. (Well, I say 'writer,' - it's not my job, I actually work in social...
  5. Chase Gamwell

    New to the Fold...

    Hello All! I just recently started my search for a literary agent and came across the Redhammer LLC literary agency webpage. After reading what Peter Cox had to say about developing ones writing skills and joining litopia, I thought "What have I got to lose?". Currently, I have no...