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May writing goals.

Carol Rose

Staff member
I have three books to write for the boxed sets I'm in early next year, and am hoping to get two of the three done in May. :)
Just to do some proper writing. Any at all! Between sending out to agents and writing backstory for my series, I haven't done proper writing in three weeks.


I'm over the 'hump', just halfway through the WIP at 41,000 words, so I'll be heading towards connecting all of the loose threads that I've got lying around, as well as sending my protagonist detective into some life-changing events—falling in love after years of widowhood, and, in that happy state, almost getting killed by being stabbed.

I realised last night, while editing, that an unintentional trope has entered this story—that of 'stickiness'! There's sticky oil paint, glutinous embalming fluid, seeping body juices (!), fingerprint powder, splattered concrete and pints of blood. I might need wet wipes. :eek:


I'm going to kill a king. Then a serial killer is going to fall in love. Then a suicide. Then I'm going to kill a queen. Then I'm going to kill some more people. There will be blood everywhere.

Don't you dare steal my story.

Oh, and I should spend less time here and more time in focused writing. Because... if I don't, then everyone gets to live.
May writing goals for me to is get the first section of my novel (one of five) polished until it shines! I’m hoping by the end of 2018 I will be ready to approach agents. I’ve already been editing for over a year. This is the last revision (I hope!)
I intend to finish plotting Book Three of my fantasy adventure series for children and get on with writing it. At the moment I need a properly wow ending. If that still evades me before the next couple of weeks are out, I may dig out Book Two and focus on revisions of that instead.