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Greetings! Hello everybody

Hello all Litopians,

it's taken me a couple of weeks, but I've finally found the courage (and time) to sign up. I'm Inga, a science journalist by day and aspiring author by night and at the most inconvenient times (If you've ever written down ideas on tissue roll at the gym or in the margins of Wellcome Trust press releases, you know what I mean).

I've always loved storytelling and writing, but only started taking my dream of writing fiction seriously in 2016. Since then I've written several books for myself, but am only slowly approaching the kind of quality I feel is worth sharing. My latest book has just gone through beta reading with some friends, so now I need to figure out what to do with it.

What else? I run a writing group in Ealing and I used to be a moderator and head of the writing questions forum at Legendfire, until it closed down last year. When I'm not writing (fiction or news), I can be found hiking in the woods or shooting arrows or (and this is where I fully discredit myself) playing D&D with the tech team from my office.

This looks like a great community, and I am looking forward to contributing to it. Thanks for welcoming me into your world!
Hi Inga, welcome to the Colony!

It's a great community here and I'm happy to see another archer as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.
So many lovely welcomes, thank you!

Hello Inga. Wonderful runic name. What sort of book is your latest project?
Haha, thanks! It's a Swedish name, but my parents are German. All very complicated.

My finished book (the latest, anyway) is about a hiking trip in Iceland that goes wrong. It's a bit spooky: The hikers encounter a lot of scary legends and start seeing things on the path... then someone goes missing!

My current project is a crime novel set in 1950s Californian suburbia. A happy housewife vanishes from her kitchen. No clues.

I should really get on with writing that, but now I've got a forum again to waste time learn more and meet new people, so it'll have to wait...