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A take on what 2017 holds for the publishing industry

Richard Sutton

Flash Club Supremo
No. 7 for sure, which makes the whole thing re: Amazon Imprints more of a consideration if you don't have deep pockets. Finding readers remains the single best thing you can do, but not all of us can or should write in the "popular" genres or memes. I agree with Peter that collaboration does make sense in a lot of genres. I'm fairly active on a couple of Historic Fiction groups/sites, but within that genre lie many sub-genres and layers of popularity, so it always means an uphill climb unless you can buy beaucoups ads on the right sites. I'm wondering if anyone has had sales results after local print media exposure?

Robinne Weiss

Venerated Member
Good article. Thanks for sharing. @Richard Sutton, as soon as the wildfire news slows down here, I'm going to make a big push to get local print media exposure (no point in sending anything this week--nothing in the news but fire). I'll let you know how things pan out. Not directly pushing my books through the press release, but introducing a school outreach programme--Bugs and Books--that will take advantage of my local popularity as The Bug Lady and get my books in front of teachers and kids. Starting my marketing small and local, because that's what I can get my head around, and it doesn't freak me out so much as the idea of shouting my own praises to the world at large.

Re: odd advertising opportunities, in the first couple years of running The Bugmobile, I emailed Radio New Zealand with my vote for their "best song ever written" spot. They chose me to interview for the radio spot that week and, in addition to asking me about the song I'd chosen, they asked what I did for a living. Quite a few teachers called to book programmes after that, saying they'd heard about me on the radio...lesson is get yourself out there and noticed in whatever way possible.