Yes, We *Really* Do Care About Your Privacy...!


Capo Famiglia
Full Member
May 19, 2014
London UK
I’m used to seeing disingenuous notices on websites saying “We care about your privacy…” or “We take your privacy seriously…” - usually just before they make you sign all your rights away..,. you’ve probably see these notices, too.

Google is complaining that Litopia prevents it from reading and indexing (and one assumes from also feeding into its own AI large language model). It gives a visual snapshot of how little data here it can actually index, shown below. The green data can be seen and indexed by Google, the far larger grey area can’t. Sorry, Google :)

Anyway, we really do care about your privacy – and here’s the proof!

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 08-09-44 Page indexing.png