Watch for Force of Virtue RPG game set in the 15th century

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Oct 26, 2021
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My sons have been working on it for about 8 years. They tested it last year and just got green lit for publication. I'm just the proud mama crowing. The motivation that keeps it interesting, so they tell me, is that is is meant to test your ability to decide what is a force for good and what for evil.
Their blurb.
"It is the the second half of the 15th century. Europe is ablaze, the Hanse trading cities war with the Teutonic order, Germany never at peace struggles with itself, the noble houses of England engage in internecine war, Italy though in its glory as a centre of art and beauty, burns. It's cities war with each other and become the bloody playground for France. Soon Spain will join the game. Meanwhile Venice and Hungary attempt to hold back the Turk.
Three centuries ago the merchants and the bankers opened their strongboxes and unleashed a demon upon the world. Gold. The demon has only grown with time, eroding the very fabric of God's order. And now a new world beckons. A world conjured by science from a cauldron of new ideas, astounding paintings, the gilded cities of republics, mercenaries and tyrants. But the old world shall not die easily, the nobility is strong, bred for centuries-like their hunting dogs-for one purpose, war. The demon of change has not been entirely unkind to them. Never have the forges turned out more magnificent armour. The stables of Spain produce steeds that can only be matched by the mythical Pegasus come to life. These scions of war have been groomed since birth by masters schooled in the arts of Mars. Their skills have been honed by centuries of bloody study. They walk as gods over the battlefield, striding over the skulls of their foes. Against them the German and Swiss cities array stubborn bands of of citizens, grimly merciless, intent on wresting power for themselves. Mercenary captains grow rich and fat feeding off the wealth of their employers, plundering the lands they conquer. These are men who value cunning more than bravery, more adept in intrigue than arms but no less dangerous because of it. They are like adders who may infiltrate anywhere and whose smallest bite is deadly.
In this chaos only one force shall triumph. The winner will take all. The vanquished will vanish from history.
Will you march with the cities and their streams of gold and turn the wheels of progress, or will you fight for the old order with the bloody sons of Mars, perhaps you look to your own fortunes in the chaos. Yet however you wish to take up arms against fortune and make your mark upon this burning world, you will do it through force of virtue."
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