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Brian Clegg

Aug 7, 2014
Swindon, UK
I'm always a huge enthusiast for giving books as presents, and there are some genres that I think are particularly good for difficult-to-buy-for people. I've just blogged a quick guide to what I think are my best books to use as gifts (popular science/YA fiction), which I hope might be of interest... but I appreciate my books aren't for everyone (nearly everyone, admittedly...) so I'm starting a list of sources of books that make good gifts:
  • Brian Clegg books (just in case you missed it above!)
  • Popular Science - reviews of popular science books in general
  • Infinity Plus - reviews of science fiction/fantasy (also horror and crime, though I think they're best on SF)
  • Lab Lit - rather an odd one, but reviews of novels with a science setting but that aren't science fiction
  • ... and one book of Oxbridge interview questions I've reviewed recently that I think makes an excellent gift
I've covered the topics I know best, but what would you add? (And do visit some of the above!)
Thanks for that it will come in handy. If I can't find a book I think someone would like I get a book voucher for them, but I would prefer to give a book, it seems more personal than a voucher.
On that note there is one person I never have trouble finding books for :)
I couldn't resist sharing the picture ;)


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I operate under moral authority that you cannot loan a book. Or recommend a book. You think someone should read a book? Buy them the damn book. They like something in your library? Give it to 'em and buy yourself another. And okay fine, there's the "Gutenberg Exception."
But some of us (shamefully) prefer an electronic book to a regular one-- not because we don't like the feel of dead tree but because we don't want to wake our S.O.
Which is all a rather long walk to get to something I just googled:
how to buy someone an ebook from Amazon
O. I .C.

Mucho soz, I am sure.

This Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide is available as a download.

I love things like this. All sorts of fascinating information. I have a huge old DIY manual somewhere. At the back it has an emergency information section, telling you how to survive, or try to, many ghastly threats. How I laughed till I nearly passed out at the tips for submerging myself in a handy pond, or in the lee of a rock in the case of a volcanic eruption with a nuee ardente and pyroclasts.
Not open for further replies.

Fanfare! Minons! Swastikas! Celebrities! Cute-dog!

Good to be back....