This Sunday’s Pop-Ups…

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
If you happened to be with us for last week’s live show, you’ll know that we had serious tech trouble throughout. I normally don’t edit it – the recording you see on Facebook or YouTube is exactly what happened live – but this time I had to spend hours knitting it all together. I think what came out was a remarkably coherent show under the circumstances - and an important one, since we had the benefit of having a major publisher as a special guest.

This Sunday, I haven’t booked another publisher, since I feel the tech needs to be put through its paces again. So you’ll have me, Litopian Ali Gardner, and another Litopian (not yet confirmed). We’re also in the run-up to Frankfurt, so it’s quite hard to get publishers to commit to anything other than prepping for the book fair at the moment.

The good news is that in a week or two we’ll be hosting another major publisher who is actually about to became an agent – the first time we’ve an agent on apart from me! This will be a a very useful show, I’m certain.

Anyway, do join me live this Sunday, please – and let’s hope the gremlins have been banished!
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