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pop-up submissions

  1. AgentPete

    Back This Sunday... :)

  2. Andrew Marsh

    Do i have to re-submit?

    Hi, I have a question. I submitted for pop-ups for last Sunday and wasn't selected for that episode, do I need to re-submit for this Sunday or is there a queue/waiting system that gets used? Thanks for any help. Andrew
  3. Jimithyh

    (Repeat thread) Difficulties with Pop Up

    I posted this thread in Chase's Discord related room, though it's wasn't quite the right place. I've tried to complete some pop-up submissions yesterday and today and found that on pressing "Send", a spinning arrows of nowhere go .... exactly that: nowhere. They spin and spin and spin ad...
  4. AgentPete

    Pop-Up Submissions 24th June

    Beta 2... we just made it!