The Dice Man

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Steve C

Mar 1, 2019
In the early 70's I read a book that to some degree changed my life or at least opened my eyes to possibilities as it apparently also did for Richard Branson
The Dice Man by Luke Rheinhart made the point we are all reluctant to do things out of character so self limit our experience of life. It argued that if you have an impulse to do something outrageous life would be so much better if you gave it a chance of happening, so why not give it a chance. You could choose the options and the odds of any of them happening. The only rule was that the decision of the dice must be obeyed.
For roughly a year I chose the destination my travels took me by throwing dice and had lots of fun. It is a fascinating read and maybe a dangerous one for the young and easily influenced. Older folk are likely to poo poo it but none the less I recommend it as a way of opening one's eyes to the possibilities life offers us.
The reason I write is that I came across this article which on its own is well worth the read. Although long it is worth getting to the end where Luke shows his mischievous side hasn't died.

I read it years ago, and spotted it in my sons room. Must ask him for a loan and re-read :)
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