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Review The Death of Stalin (2017)

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Title: The Death of Stalin (2017)

Tagline: In the Kremlin, no one can hear you scheme

Genre: Comedy, History

Director: Armando Iannucci

Cast: Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Paddy Considine, Rupert Friend, Jason Isaacs, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Palin, Andrea Riseborough, Paul Chahidi, Dermot Crowley, Paul Whitehouse, Adrian McLoughlin, Jeffrey Tambor, Tom Brooke, Justin Edwards, Paul Ready, Yulya Muhrygina, Andrey Korzhenevskiy, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jeremy Limb, Andy Gathergood, Alexander Piskunov, Ruslav Neupokoev, Alla Bineeva, Nicholas Woodeson, Elaine Caxton, George Potts, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Nicholas Sidi, Jonny Phillips, Alex Harvey-Brown, Tim Steed, June Watson, Adam Shaw, Daniel Tuite, David Crow, Karl Johnson, Cara Horgan, Emilio Iannucci, Daniel Booroff, Dan Mersh, Richard Brake, James Barriscale, Daniel Tatarsky, Ricky Gabriellini, Eva Sayer, Diana Quick, Adam Ewan, Michael Ballard, Phil Deguara, Jonathan Aris, Katie McCreedy, Ewan Bailey, Leeroy Murray, Keely Smith, Sheng-Chien Tsai, Dave Wong, Sergey Korshkov, Alexander Grigorivev, Olga Dadukevich, Nastya Koshevatskaya, Danya Bochkov, Sebastian Aton, Nastya Karpenko, Gerald Lepkowski, Luke D'Silva, Daniel Chapple, Daniel Smith, Ellen Evans, Oleg Drach, Daniel Fearn

Release: 2017-10-20

Runtime: 107

Plot: When tyrannical dictator Josef Stalin dies in 1953, his parasitic cronies square off in a frantic power struggle to become the next Soviet leader. Among the contenders are the dweebish Georgy Malenkov, the wily Nikita Khrushchev and Lavrenti Beria, the sadistic secret police chief.

Saw it on Netflix. It came recommended and I had my doubts. I thought maybe Monty Pythonesque but no. The trailer doesn't really give you the feel, but it's a scream. It is absolutely wicked. Evil genius. And I nearly choked, I nearly weed myself I laughed so hard.


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Just finished the Romanovs (Sebag Montefiore ), looking forward to watching this, I love Russian history!
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Flash Club Contest! VOTING IS OPEN!