Fanfare! Shortlisted For PR Week’s 2017 Awards: The THIN AIR video

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May 19, 2014
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(Please allow me a brief smirk :) here's the news release...)

The innovative “prank” video created to launch Michelle Paver’s ghost story, THIN AIR, has been shortlisted by PR Week as one of the best publicity campaigns of the year.

There are five contenders in the “Best Use of Content” category, including Ebay, The National Trust and Otis Elevators. Views for the video to date are 5,784,559 (Facebook) and 143,761 (YouTube) totalling 5,928,320. “We will be comfortably over the 6 million mark by the time the paperback is published by Orion in October”, says Peter Cox of Redhammer, Michelle Paver’s agent.

“No book video has come close to these numbers before”, says Peter. “Most book videos are achingly dull. We wanted to talk to readers on their own own terms, in a fun but compelling way. People are still bitterly arguing over how we did it in the video comments. It just shows that books, like any other consumer product, can be marketed with great impact… if the will is there.”

The campaign was devised by Frank PR and the video directed by award-winning television director Andrew Gillman.

Dark Matter remains my own favourite; creepy as hell and astonishingly sustained. But Thin Air is also a cracking read; and a masterly reworking of themes horrifically played out in Dark Matter.

Belonging and exclusion. 'Us and...him' taken to the cruellest extreme; the fateful conjoining of a human and inhuman darkness. People who don't really like or want each other (but occasionally desperately do) go places that absolutely do not want them, where one false step will kill them.

I like learning. I like not knowing what words mean. I look them up afterwards and don't find it breaks the flow; I'm on the boat and I'll sail the gaps. There is lots to learn in these novels, handled with such skill, you won't get so much as a whiff of information dump.

Their ambitions are ripe with hubris, and karma is on their case.

A Guardian review of Thin Air

And a trailer for Dark Matter:

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Congratulations Pete! It is truly scary stuff and Michelle must be over the moon with the amount of exposure it has created for her. If those views are converted into sales then the book will be a huge success!

I will be routing for you and Michelle to win Pete. Fingers crossed!
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