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Selling books at talks etc

The Colony is now mobile...

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Kelly Michelle Baker

Hello all!

It's great to see the Litopia forums up and running again. I owe much to my critiquers on the old website. My first manuscript was much stronger as a consequence. To recap, I'm a self published novelist of YA fantasy. My first novel, "The Waters of Nyra: Volume I," is about the stark reality of facing adulthood, told through a world where dragons enslave dragons. "Volume II" will be released next year.

In the 'old days,' one had to try out for the critiquing boards. Is this still the case? Have peer-review forums been implemented yet? What's the scoop?

Regardless, it's lovely to see you all, and I look forward to chatting and sharing our stories soon.

~Kelly (also known as Agring on the old forums)
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Hi Marc! Thanks for the greeting! My first novel is called "The Waters of Nyra: Volume I." Litopia members gave me a leg-up in editing and advice back in the day. I owe much to the colony. Handy dandy website is here:

But enough about me. Tell me about you!
Aha, you're a YA aficionado. What I need is an OA [old adult?] epic, preferably about the stark reality of facing senility. Maybe I should write one.
You were kind enough to ask about me. Well, prior to my conception, there was a remarkable alignment of planets... [Editor: 950,000 words cut for reasons of taste and interest...] ...So, to conclude, most of my career has been spent in biomedical research; oncology, molecular biology and the like. And yet, I always wanted to write. It seems to be something I can't not do. When I do scribble stuff, it mostly comes out as horror (but psychological frissons rather than explicit gore) or scifi (but near future scenarios rather than space travel and aliens); not because I picked the genres, it just happens that way. I haven't been published yet, indeed I am only just starting out on this route; but I hope to be allowed to share my scribblings with the good denizens of Litopia some day....
Hi Kelly - The Houses are not up yet, but will be soon. Looking for about 100 members before we get them going. :)
Thanks, all! I look forward to the Houses.
P.S. Marc, glad to see biologists writing books. I too am a scientist (although quite a different one: ecologist)
Not open for further replies.

Selling books at talks etc

The Colony is now mobile...