Pwned: has your personal information been stolen?

Knives Out (2019)

Do you know any stories that ... ?

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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
pwn definition: Pwn - Wikipedia

I followed the link to from this article:

The digital spring clean: how to sort out your passwords, privacy and bulging photo folder

What I found was alarming at first sight, but reading through the results, the personal information that could have been stolen was from historic data breaches dating back six years. I’ve changed passwords on every site I use since then and I use a password manager.

My results were:

Hotmail/Outlook – nine breaches.
Yahoo Mail – no breaches
Gmail personal – four breaches
Gmail business – no breaches

I’ve signed up to be notified when there’s another pwn attack.

Feeling paranoid yet?

Thanks Paul. I'll add this to my list of world anxieties and insecurities :oops:

(ah no, only joking. I'll wait until I've about a stiff drink in me and I'll check it out. There was another thing a few years ago -I can't find it now- where you could go and listen to all (*all*) the audio files Google has on you; where they record you throughout the day. Someone I knew found hours of her kids talking etc. A horrible thought.)
Ha. These people today, with their cybercrimes and their hacking and their I don't know what. When *I* was young, an immediate family member stole my identity the old-fashioned way, by forging my signature, cleaning out my bank accounts and leaving me with over one hundred thousand USD in fraudulent debt (which, adjusted for inflation, comes out to "a f*cking LOT" in future money).

...I so wish I were joking about any of that. Stay vigilant, folks.
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Knives Out (2019)

Do you know any stories that ... ?