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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
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Café Life uses thread prefixes to help you quickly find content of interest to you.

Each time you create a new thread, please use an appropriate prefix.

The prefixes we currently use are as follows:

  • Welcome… I’m New Here!​

If you’ve just joined Litopia, post a new thread with this prefix. Other members will be quick to welcome you

  • Help Please!​

If you need any assistance – ask using this prefix

  • News​

News that may be of interest to other Litopians

  • Review​

Post a review of a book, movie (or anything else!)

  • Dandelion Break​

When life becomes too intense… it's time for one

  • Fanfare!​

Got a publishing deal or other good news? Tell everyone using this prefix!

  • Book Club​

Litopia’s own Book Club meets every month by Zoom – all are invited

  • Self-Publishing​

Intelligence and how-to’s about this burgeoning sector

  • Craft Chat​

Essential insights to burnish your writing skills

  • Poetry​

Yours… or your favourites

  • Marketplace​

Books and more, for sale
And here's a short video that explains prefixes a bit more:

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Nicest Rejection I've had