Personality Test for Writers

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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
I stumbled upon a test to assess what sort of personality you have as a writer.

What Type of Writer Are You?

The first question is what sort of writer do you think you are? I guessed Savvy Writer, but I was wrong, for apparently I'm an Eternal Writer:

Of all the writers, you have the strongest most comprehensive grasp of the writing craft. Consequently, others don't appreciate how hard you work at it. You make it look easy!

I don't know about that...most of the time I feel like this:


What sort of writer are you?
Neat find. Turns out I am a logical writer. I wasn't expecting that, but I guess it makes sense:

"Logical thinking comes naturally to you, so when others don't quite follow your logic, it's befuddling."

Me: Ohhhhhh

Edit: Turns out I misread a few questions – the second time round I got Eternal Writer. Maybe I'm a mix of both. * Shrugs *
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