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Different versions of your book – racy and literary

New literary agent looking for clients

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Octopus Messiah

1. All my tweets will now be in haiku. It's the only sane way for me to cope with the short-attention span theater that is crippling today's-- OMG you already tracked off, f*** me!
Recent tweet:
Happiness isn't
Designing your own website
With no prior skills
#killmenow #etc.)

Which segues nicely (it's what I do) into.

2. is up and running!
Have newfound respect for my programmer friends who said, to a woman, "Yeah, we don't have time for this bs, do it yourself." (this includes-- so... hard... to... admit-- Agent Pete-- OMG all the tubes and wires behind Litopia must be a nightmare. In the words of my people, Big ups, yo!)

Almost cried three times in doing it-- did cry once. Site has lots of hyperlinks to Litiopa, LAD and the colony as well. If anyone has a moment to test the thing for leaks, fill the form in, have a click 'round, 'twould be gratefully appreciated. Turns out I gottit up just in time too because:
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.17.47 PM.png
3. My crying-on-the-inside Alaska Cruise article, Floating Hell, was published yesterday in the Anchorage Press. Because the cruise itself precipitated a months' long clinical depression (my second) any pleasure that can be derived from that experience is doubly sweet. The piece was accepted immediately upon submission two years ago with the caveat that I "distill it into a top 10 list." Which, to my short-term detriment I refused, stating, "With respect, I am loathe to contribute to a media that discourages people from reading, let alone writing, full articles." Really pleased to have stuck to my guns defending one of this colony's most cherished endeavors: long form writing-- huzzah!

and that, my friends, is all the fanfare that doesn't rhyme with Nantucket!
thank you for your iballs.

Il Matrimonio yearns to go on a cruise, not necessarily Alaskan, but any. I feel a bit guilty, mea culpa, but I can't stand the idea. All that herding and the bing bang bong business. I like to choose my company. And reading this, though the iceberg bit would be quite a spectacle, I know I am right to resist. Re-seeeest. He's going to Singapore though, as compensation, and Hong Kong, flying as free as a.... tourist.
Katie, if this article stops just one person from-- scratch that, they should shut down the whole filthy industry. Or make it go solar. And host the Cannabis Cup.
(Singapore, tho = a guilty pleasure. I love the food, she hates chewing gum...)
Not open for further replies.

Different versions of your book – racy and literary

New literary agent looking for clients