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Octopus Messiah

Thank you for allowing me to shamble, blinking into the colony. When's the hive-mind start? Did I miss it? I brought fruit!

One of the first things (patient, blessed, long-suffering) Agent Pete said when he read my work was (pained English expression) "You're a bit wordy." Can you believe? The cheek! As if that's a bad thing! As if the last three sentences were (like this parenthetical) extraneous!

Fine: I hrby rslve 2 b <wrdy. Wsh me ***k!

In the meantime: in the middle of Litopia AFter Dark reboot I've decided to become very squeeeee! about new project: a short story book based on the near-terminal misadventures of my yoof. Halfway through, fastest thing I've ever been happy with. Currently awaiting wife's reaction, always didgy (is that a word? she uses it a lot but red-line spell thing says no)

Last book I read: Denis McKenna's Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss which provides some context for the life and untimely demise of Terence McKenna, of one of the greatest minds I ever met. Humanizes him. Would love to get Denis on LAD but so far no reply. Dude's probably tired of T's old fan boys saying, hey, your brother was a beautiful man....

Currently reading: Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko. About the *actual* jack-booted thugs the American government has installed in every town, more than happy to pry your gun from your cold, dead fingers. They call them "police". Swat please!

Lunch was: wood-fired pizza and two pints of stout. And therefore brilliant.

Now: about to go see how other people approach this forum. And then figure out how to remove this post.

(damn that was wordy)

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Welcome, to you and your wordiness! Last book I read: Naughty Amelia Jane, by Enid Blyton (yes, I have a daughter). Last book I read which made any kind of impression on me: The Revolt of Aphrodite, by Laurence Durrell. Fantastic.
I don't know who Terence McKenna is, but I expect Google will tell me. Your dog looks somewhat fox terrier-ish - I had one when I was a kid, they're loads of fun.
Greetings, Octopus - I have the opposite problem to wordiness. I'm mean and lean with my words (oh well.)
Frances: there's no 'oh well' about it. In today's short-attention span theater, lean and mean is what works. May I borrow a page from your book?
<Your dog looks somewhat fox terrier-ish - I had one when I was a kid, they're loads of fun.>
And please allow me to introduce the Olive Dog, model JRTX2012 (jack russell terrier cross). She has been genetically engineered to tug your emotional heartstrings so watch your tearducts, please...
Odd, I had a feeling that words were good for a writer. My error. Welcome, 8 cats. Good to see you here.
Hallo Octopus :)

I have also been known to be wordy with words on occasion ;) And at the risk of turning this into a competition , 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 4 (possibly about to become 5) horses (and an adopted goat who doesn't belong to me but lives with my horses anyway) Oh! and of course I can't forget Mr Turkey - the pheasant with a death wish ;)
Karen, that is indeed a full house and quite a bit to describe! The attention grabber is of course Mr. Turkey so if you're looking for that sharpened hook, there's your protagonist. He's lean, he's mean, he's misidentified. And he's very, very unpheasant (okay time to stop).
Lol And then some, he is manic about collecting ladies (not only of the avian variety). If I can work out how to get a working url from flickr (which seems impossible since they updated it) I will show you him. He is fearless lol
Finally!! I had to faff with my Pintrest account to get the photos to work lol aaaaanyway here is Mr Turkey ;) Sorry about photo size, not a clue how to make them wee'er yet... but I'm sure I'll work it out ;)
Now that is a handsome fellow! Looking forward to his autobiography...
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Another ship back to port...