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News Offered a crime book contract by HarperCollins recently? TAKE CARE


E G Logan

Full Member
The Bookseller reported Friday that a con-person has been impersonating HarperCollins (HC) editorial director Phoebe Morgan – to offer book contracts.

According to that story, today described as Bookseller's 'most read' of the last week, the fraudster used her photograph and background info, but with a fake company account. Phoebe A Morgan, on Twitter, asks those affected to flag messages, stressing HC would never contact anyone in that way.

This appears to be a 'copycat' scam, similar to those of Filippo Bernardino, ex-Simon & Schuster UK, currently charged by the FBI with theft of hundreds of book manuscripts. The purpose is unclear, other than to dupe potential authors into believing they have been offered a contract. Perhaps the intention was later to demand money.