Fanfare! Never mind.

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Congrats on your news! its good to hear you're getting somewhere
Well maybe that's a sign to revisit, re-edit it and try again? Also you can get published for zero cost if you use 'print on demand', such as at Lulu or Create Space, which includes ePub. The trick with that is, no advertising also means limited sales unless you have the money to advertise with! Still, any positive progress is just that. Maybe time to get back to writing.
Actually Lex, I read the first chapter and I thought it was pretty good. Not really the sort of thing I'd read, but I thought it was very well written. All I can say is it wouldn't hurt to seen to some of the newer Literary Agents who you wouldn't have previously tried. You ain't got nothing to loose. :D
Congratulations! I'd be celebrating that, too. :) I can't help but think it must be a great feeling to have one person enjoy what you've written, let alone a large number.
Hi Lex. I read chapter One and I liked it. I think it could be tightened up a little. I would have liked to have been in Will’s head a little more so I had more of an investment in what happened to him.
A few observations while reading.
Corner of his eye repeated twice within three para’s.
How did he know the six people he passed were heading to the club? He was over a block away?
Marc’s shotgun roared. Roared seemed wrong for a shotgun.
They seemed to shoot the last vampire too quickly. He hadn’t really told them anything? ‘It wasn’t us, we just took the bodies from the bar,’ Who were they getting the bodies for? Seems a wasted opportunity for information.
Hope it helps.
Getting those seventy votes is not nothing. Means that someone likes your stuff.
Hey, all.
For what it's worth. :)
Well done. As others have said, getting seventy people to like your stuff is no mean feat. If you look around the internet you will find a theory that 'all' it takes for an author to make a sustainable living is '1000 true fans', who buy everything the author writes. Maybe you have taken the first step on the road to the magic thousand fans.
On another note, and I am not trying to give advice because I am in no position to do so, but have you considered putting the manuscript in a drawer for six months / a year, while writing something completely different? Then you will have something else to send out (eggs/basket argument) and you will be able to come back to the original manuscript with completely fresh eyes.
I can understand you getting glum and gloomy - writing is tough - but you should try not to see things as being blacker than they are. Take a break, come back to it after a month. You will feel better.
I can also understand the frustration, especially after 20 years! A couple of points, 1) I've had two offers to publish which I haven't accepted. One because they were going to publish and I had to promote it by travelling o/s to book signings and wouldn't see a cent for 18 months at least, and now, an offer to publish but they want me to pay them! So frustration is sadly the name of the game. 2) Given that what you have written is good, maybe consider a whole new novel from a new perspective of "twenty years later"??
I'm just saying, don't give up completely. I've know people to write stuff that wasn't worth reading; yours is ;)
Try to look on the positive side Lex. Even if a lot of the 70 votes came from friends that still pushes your book higher up the rankings on the site and makes browsers more likely to find it and start reading.

I've also had a lot of rejections over a few years and it is tough to stay positive but as long as you enjoy the process of writing and it gives you a chance to express yourself it's surely a worthwhile thing to do.
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