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Robinne Weiss

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May 19, 2015
New Zealand
I think I've found my new calling--sand castle advertising! On the beach today, I was thinking about my piss-poor Amazon ads and what I was going to do to improve my books' sales. Naturally, I used the materials I had at hand ... The result was a sand dragon, with the title of one of my books scrawled in the sand beside it.

What do you think? Will sand castle advertising take off? Maybe I could do this in conjunction with a little market stall right on the beach, and sell summer reading material. :cool: It's certainly more fun than creating an Amazon ad ... What if I *had* to spend all summer on the beach building sand sculptures? :D

Fabulous sculpture!
You'd have to redo your ads with each tide or storm: potentially Sisyphean.
But if it works, cool, and if it doesn't, there's always surfing.
Inconceivable @Robinne Weiss that you are pottering about on a sun drenched sandy beach, unleashing your creative instincts... it's freezing here.o_O
Well, it wasn't particularly sun-drenched that day (and today it's raining :( ). But, yes, it's summertime! Unfortunately, I haven't got time to spend every day lolling about on the beach. But if I could consider it 'work' ... :)
Maybe I could do this in conjunction with a little market stall right on the beach, and sell summer reading material.

That's not a bad idea. You'll certainly have higher visibility for your books than on Amazon.

By the way, I love your blog and I'm slowly working my way through through all the stuff you've posted on gardening.
Oh, could I have a link please? :)
Robinne Weiss
I'm afraid my blog has little to do with the books I've published ... I meant to write a very different, non-fiction book when I started writing seriously and pitched my blog accordingly, but not long after I went full-time, Barbara Kinsolver published Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which was essentially the book I wanted to write ... so I have this blog that does me no professional good. But I enjoy writing it, so what the heck.
Ah, sure, I'd love the link anyway :) I loved that book! We have *aaaall* the self sufficiency books and those in that vein :)
It's a brilliant idea, Robinne, but get the rules locked down from the start, or you've got a health & safety nightmare, with the potential for collapsing dragons of heavy, heavy sand. A couple of youngsters were trapped on Cornish beaches this summer, after tunnelling down and also building sand snowmen! Have a maximum height regulation would be a good idea.
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Merchandising Opportunities