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My first book now on sale on Amazon


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Hey, all. Thought you might want to know that I pushed my first book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There were a lot of you curious about how the experience worked out for me, so I figured I'd let you know what I discovered.

The plan was always to nearly give away the first novel to encourage people to read the rest of them, and that's the way it's working out. The way KDP works is that they take 40%, but that's 40% gross, not net. They also take the $6.51 it takes to print each book, so the 11.99 print price breaks down like this:

Sale price, US$ 11.99
Their cut:       4.80
My cut:          7.19
Printing cost:   6.51
My net:          0.68

Good thing I'm not in this to make money. :)

That 40% pays for nothing except listing it on the Amazon platform. If I wanted them to add it to their distribution channels, I'd have to give them 60%, and then (I think) give up the right to distribute it through any other channels.

Update: The book is not findable through Amazon's search, so here's a link through the Litopia Marketplace: The Thaumechanical Man
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Hi @Mythobeast

I saw the listing on Resources, and there's a nice tagline to go into the listing, but once I open it (the Litopia resources listing), there's no blurb -- just a note that it's your experiment. I'd like to suggest that the blurb go there so when people from outside Litopia open it, they see what the books about as a story, rather than the author's note.


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Hi @CageSage Yes, I think it’s almost certain to be Nov 6th. Pete will be confirming in the next day or so.