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Nikky Lee

Nikky Lee
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Jul 27, 2018
New Zealand
One for you @Jonny

I've been playing around with the Just The Punctuation tool to see how my writing looks when all the words are removed to leave only the punctuation. I was curious to see if my punctuation style differed depending on what POV I wrote in or what tense. As it turns out, there's not much difference (though I've yet to test whether there's any difference when I'm writing non-fiction/blogging compared to my creative stuff).

The Rarkyn's Familiar - 3rd POV, past tense.jpeg
(The Rarkyn's Familiar - 3rd POV, past tense)

Dingo & Sister - 1st POV, present tense.jpeg
(Dingo & Sister - 1st POV, present tense).

What do yours look like?
Nikky, you're a true creative! How on earth did you think that up?
Have you ever seen the artists who use a typewriter to make pictures?
Gosh! Astounding and outstanding!
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