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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
I’ve put together “The Best of Radio Litopia” for you… 30 hours or so of programmes from way back when... the original Radio Litopia… shows that will, I hope, bring some amusement and entertainment to you this festive season!

Here is where to listen:

The Best of Radio Litopia • A podcast on Anchor

You’ll find buttons there that will allow you to listen in any way that works for you – Spotify, PocketCasts, and so on. iTunes will be up there soon, probably in a day or two when Apple decides we're not going frighten the horses :)

Post a note below if you’re having trouble listening, or if you haven't downloaded a podcast before.

Season's greetings, folks!

:) p.
Addendum... It's finally available on iTunes, too, here is the link:


We also did some music shows, entirely by accident. They turned out to be our most downloaded shows! I didn’t include them in the “Best of” list since the music won’t be to everyone’s taste – it’s mostly British indie, mixed with metal/punk – but here are a few, fyi:

Louise Distras: Songs Of Love And Fury

Pauline Black: Queen of 2-Tone

Women Who Rock - Pride, Passion & Prejudice

Rhoda Dakar: Cleaning In Another Woman's Kitchen

Lars Frederiksen: Growing Up Punk

Sid Vicious Was My Lover
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Comp titles

49 Calls for Submissions in January 2021 - Paying Markets