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Kurt Vonnegut graphed the world’s most popular stories


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Jennifer Stone

Good Day, my dears.
I was pondering my novel and characters, realizing that two of my creations exist in real life. I know some authors worlds do come to life in a mentally imaginative way. I wrote my full manuscript over two years ago, and have now work with someone who embodies one of my Priestesses. Also one of my characters owns a ginger tabby cat called Kenneth, intentionally named after one of my close friends. However, just under a year ago, one of my other friends bought me a kitten, a male ginger tabby I named Ares. I'm astounded by the coincidences, I can't say the person influenced my character development as I didn't know her then. Even her name isn't too different!
My Ares is only 4 months old in this pic, he's now just under 10 months and still a little nightmare!


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I have such a soft spot for ginger cats, I adore them! I want to give Ares all the cuddles! :p I don't think there are any people I actually know who I could say were like my characters, but celebrities, for sure! Weirdly, I could see Death as either Tim Curry or Liam Neeson! And uh, I don't really see any similarities in those men! I think that I see my dad in some of the older, wiser and sweeter characters I write, though. And my main character Sophie, her pet fanganhoardens are based on my ferrets, even though originally her pets were rats! :eek:
Love your wee cat! I would have loved a ginger tom but ended up wioth my three maniacs instead, a black tabby (yes she has stripes) and a blue tabby, who are sisters and Nym who is 1/2 scottish wild cat ;) I'm not even joking... that one was a whoopsie lol.

Oh I have loads of characters based on real people or animals... animals in particular. Prima the unicorn is directly taken from my filly also named Prima (only when cleam she gleams a opalescent cream colour;) )

Schade (a Russian shadowcat) is based on our wee Magicat

John's mount Zola is directly based on my friend's mare Jovie (the aunt and surrogate mum of our colt Tumshie, who sadly passed away 3 weeks after we got him)

Gosh there are loads more. People wise, a lot of my characters are based on myself but a small aspect of my personality twisted and exasperated. Several others are based on different parts of my hubby's personality too. And some are based on how I think my kids will be when they are older. Two or three are based on actual bullies or really nasty bosses I have known in my life up until now.

@1408 I have a list of who would play every character in my books haha! the personalities are taken from real folk, the looks are cherry picked to match the looks I want for the character... like Ava is Scarlet Johansen.
What absolute beauts your animals are @Karen Gray ! :)

Jovie isn't mine but I have a menagerie all my own, 3 thundercats, a wild scottish ned dog that runs like the wind and now a herd of 5, who seem to still be grieving for wee tum tum. I'm not surprised, he was only a baby after all.

Although she's nicked poor Bess' jousting outfit! meh, I'm switching to horseback archery anyway lol
@Karen Gray I even read "based on a friend's mare" and still said yours! D'oh! :eek: Lovely anyway! :p

That's very sad about Tumshie and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's the case. :( Tumshie is a great name by the way. :) I just googled it, is it a Scottish word for turnip or am I being lied to?!
no that's right. His show name was Knokandhu Egan which means Knokanddhu little flame but we felt he was more of a wee Tumshie ;) Poor wee thing. He just wasn't meant to live, he didn't get colostrum as a teeny baby and Jovie fostered him with his half brother. Just wasn't meant to be.
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Kurt Vonnegut graphed the world’s most popular stories


Personal research