I've Got A Problem With Another Member

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Litopia is a remarkably friendly place, but disagreements can occasionally happen. This is what we do about them.

You are, of course, welcome to discuss sensitive issues (apart from politics! Please, not here! You’ve got the rest of the internet for that...).

However, no-one is welcome to do so if their words cause offence to another member. As a writer, you, more than others, understand the power of words. So please use them sensitively.

And everyone's opinion is valid, even if you don't happen to agree with it!

Please refer to our Prime Directive in case of fire. It's kept us healthy and happy community for a long time.


Litopia's guardians are volunteers who help keep Litopia running smoothly. They are not here to sanction or censor, but rather to make sure Litopia is a safe place for all its members, where everyone is treated respectfully. We expect you to treat them with the same respect and courtesy shown toward every member, whether in a public or private conversation.

If a Guardian tactfully asks you to do something, please simply do it with good grace.

And don't pick a fight with a Guardian!


If a thread becomes acrimonious, or if you feel that a post has violated the Prime Directive, click the report button, at the bottom of the post, to draw it to the Guardians' attention. You will be able to attach a note indicating why the post is being reported. Any member may report any post.

Reports go into a queue that all Guardians have access to, and they remain open until a Guardian marks it as resolved. Please be patient! The Guardians are volunteers, and they live in different time zones. But rest assured your concerns will always be addressed. The Guardian who reviews your report may wish to discuss it with other Guardians. In which case, the thread containing the reported post might be temporarily closed to comments or even temporarily removed from public view. Once the issue is resolved, you will be notified with an explanation of the action taken.

Reported posts are not automatically deleted. Doing so would discourage or eliminate discussion and the open exchange of ideas encouraged on Litopia. Each reported post is weighed against the Prime Directive to determine if it should be deleted. In the first instance, and without identifying the offender or reporter, we will look to post a warning in the thread itself asking that all participants keep things civil. But please note, personal attacks will be removed without discussion and action may be taken against the offender. This includes issuing Warnings against members, which if ignored will result in temporary or even permanent banning.

While we strive to address each issue promptly, there are times when a resolution will be delayed. If you are utterly exasperated, you can always hide another member's posts by clicking the ignore button, which you'll find at the bottom of a member's profile (click their name to bring it up). Members you ignore will not be aware that you have ignored them.

We hope the report system is clear. And we hope you will never have cause to use it. Thank you.
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