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Important! The Prime Directive

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Capo Famiglia
Welcome to Litopia Writers' Colony - the net's oldest, best and nicest community for writers!

I'm delighted that you have joined us.

Litopians are a remarkably friendly bunch. You'll notice that other members will take a keen interest in your progress as a writer. They will greet you, discuss their own writing process, and generally want to compare their experience of writing with yours.

Take my advice, and get immersed right now. In a few moments, I'd like you to screw up your courage and post your first thread in Café Life, introducing yourself. Select the thread prefix "Greetings" so we can all be sure to see your new post.

Tomorrow, or whenever you next check into the Colony, look out for any posts by members even newer than yourself - and extend them an equally warm welcome to the one you have received. Apart from being great fun and setting the tone for your time here, you'll also meet other writers from all over the planet.

The Prime Directive

It's quite simple.

Be Nice To Each Other.

Life is too short for anything else.

And heaven knows, writing is too hard an occupation not to have a few friends out there when you need them.

Being nice to each other means...

  • Not giving offence.
  • Not taking offence.

Writers are by definition different people: they see the world through unusual eyes. We will not agree on every issue mooted here, not by a long chalk. But we must agree on the overwhelming importance of not hurting each other.

If things occasionally get out of hand - and rarely, they do - then we have a Conflict Resolution Procedure in place that works pretty well. But please try not to invoke it unless absolutely necessary.

Our Ethos Is Based Around Self-Help

In fact, Litopia is really one big self-help system. If you are prepared to go out of your way to help other members, then I can guarantee that Litopia will return your investment ten-fold or more.

This is not a community where you can simply lie back and be a consumer! If you don't get involved, you won't get anything out of your time here. Conversely, if you do, then your experience here will be rich and permanently rewarding.

Many writers have been kind enough to express their appreciation for what Litopia has given them over the years. As the publishing world becomes more multifaceted, and your options for publication become ever more diverse but complex, I have a feeling that a resource such as Litopia will become even more important in our writing lives. You can use Litopia to kick back at the end of a long day with like-minded folk. You can network here and strategise. Or you can use our hive mind to hone and polish your work and your talent. Maybe you'll do all three.

However you spend your time here, I want to wish you much happiness and success, and I look forward to meeting you in the Café!

Peter a.k.a. AgentPete

PS - Go on - post your introduction now!
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