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Jul 5, 2017
Hello to all. As must be quite plain, I am new here, and in fact new to joining any forum ever, and with very minimal experience of sharing anything I have written in a public place. So for me, it feels a bit like showing up naked at a job interview. I have only written for myself and one other person on and off throughout my life, when my confidence and self-belief has allowed, but I chanced upon this site, and decided to leap before I looked so that the self-doubt demons didn't get a chance to rig up the safety nets and stop me. Most of my writing has been poetry, songs and what I would call a 'psuedo-diary'. My reason for being here? Just to see what happens if I am. I'm not giving myself any harsh standards to live up to, just hoping to dare to show something I write to someone else and take it from there.
Welcome! Yes, difficult to show things to others, but it gets easier and is essential if you are to progress. Lights, bushels, etc. You'll be fine here.
Welcome to the Colony. Sit yourself down and take a look around—there's treasure in the archived threads—humour and wisdom too...

Uncertainty is a key component of writing, so embrace yours. As Socrates said:

"To be uncertain is uncomfortable; but to be certain is ridiculous."
Hello and thanks to all the Colonists who have welcomed me on my first try to use a forum. I now have a nooby question - what do I do? How do I get to read things people have written/respond, or for that matter, post anything of my own should I gain the confidence to do so? In short, I don't know how to use a forum!
Not open for further replies.