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Tor Books currently open for short, dark fiction

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Attention Litopians! Grizzled hack, double Litopia After Dark guest and top bloke Tim Butcher needs our help.

If you have a Goodreads account (easy to register through faceberk) PLEASE SHOW TIMBO SOME LOVE by voting for his excellent Blood River and moving it up from the 294th spot-- surely it deserves better than Twilight or ****ing Marley and Me!
Just follow the link to where BR is mentioned and vote for the book!

(besides, look how gracious his plea is-- could he *be* any more English?)
Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.11.32 PM.png

I have it on good authority that for every vote he gets, Tim won't shave for one full year!
(that authority being mine ;))
Thanks so much!

(Also: Tim's LAD Blood River podcast is ace-- all about his near-fatal misadventures up the Congo and other African hellworlds he had no business being, other than to write the good write.)
(as is his podcast concerning the Trigger, his book on retracing the steps of assassin Gavrillo Princip)
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We've already helped bump it up ten places! Please keep it going-- by the time he dies Timbo's beard will reach his knees, inshallah!
Nice one everybody-- thanks for that. I should probably have mentioned BR's excellence-- and travel writing from dangerous places/mindsets being my favorite genre! I have a weird obsession with the DRCongo. World's most unsung tragedy losing a thousand people/day to war, famine, disease-- what's the other horseman again? Tim was also one of the first people I invited on LAD. Really down to earth despite his massive cojones and accolades.
Nice work, everybody. It's heartening to see that a book where the author enters the world's greatest unsung humanitarian crisis (the DRCongo) to recreate the expedition of a Victorian explorer (Stanley) has now surpassed Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.
Not that Dewey wasn't one of the most influential cats/books in history, just....
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Fanfare! The Other Side of Here

Tor Books currently open for short, dark fiction