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Alistair Roberts

Hi all!!

It's been a draining and demanding year with little decent internet until 2 months ago. Even then, and maybe (?) still, there are issues like the owners unplugging our internet so they can use it. Too long a story to go into. With being tied to this place 7 days a week, weekends requiring animals to be fed, I don't have the energy left to write. Hence I've only written 6 pages all year!

This rather annoys me, the stories are there waiting, and I swear (ops, sorry) that my Muse is annoyed as fictional characters from TV shows or books, keep popping into my head. I'm sure she's trying to tell me something, rather like being hit over the head with a baseball bat. I know, I know, but give me some pick up pills or something. ;-)

I have sent out only a couple of synopsis (sisss...) for my first Wendy Tuthill murder mystery, and got one interesting reply, "loved reading this, but given the market is flooded with murder mysteries it would be hard to sell." Unfortunately they are right, I can't believe how much of the genre' is out there, so my third in the series will probably be the last.

Given that fact, I already have started background work on a sci-fi novel (my favourite area), on the lines of a Star Trek novel (which I've considered before). In an effort to avoid copyright issues with Paramount/CBS I'm going to use none standard characters, and a ship never actually seen but briefly mentioned. Anyway, that's a little way off yet.

Hope you have all been behaving, I'm probably only here because its the Queen's birthday public holiday, may she have many more! ;-)
Not flooded with... Hm, that's a good question, but I suspect murder mystery is really over done sadly. Not sure there is anything under done though. ;-)

The stories can be nicely germinating meantime.

(My pick up pills of choice, yeast-vite and pro- plus.)

Australian outback fantasy/romance...totemic animals and a hint of ancestral spirit? A lonely farmer and a girl seemingly out of nowhere?
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Actually I started writing sci-fi back in the late 70's, and I've always loved Dr Who and Star Trek, both started back in the 60's. Maybe, I could slip an Australian character into my new sci-fi... :D
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