Hi all.

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Brandi D

Jul 2, 2019
New Zealand
Just saying 'hi'. I'm from New Zealand (I see there's a few from down under in here :)). My main thing is editing Spec Fiction, but I'm tossing around a couple of plans for non-fiction books and dabble in flash fiction. Hmm, not much else to say at the moment, but I look forward to being involved in the community.
Hello from the other side of the little ditch between NZ and Oz! Wave from Adelaide.
Hi Brandi, and welcome. What kind of non-fiction are you into? And great to hear you're dabbling with flash fiction. Check out our Flash Club and maybe have a go at this month's prompt. :)

Enjoy your time here.
Welcome! Good to have you on board. Another one of the down under crowd here. What kind of spec do you write?
Not open for further replies.