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Hi all, I'm new here!!!

My n\me's Anna and I am writing my second romance novel called Dawn in the Dusk.

I had a question and wanted to hear your views... just saw a comp run by Uk creative arts called Creativate National Writing Competition. Is anyone else entering, or do you have info about it?

Hello Anna...and welcome to a romance writer. Tell us about the first one, too? :) Massive market, and we have one very successful writer here of erotic romance, but are otherwise currently a little bereft of romance writers :)

I didn't know about this competition. The entry details are here. Entry fee of £15. http://www.uk-arts.org/writing
Welcome! I don't know about this specific competition (and I cringe slightly at the word 'creativate'), but my advice would be enter everything and anything that you can afford to. The more you write, the better you get. Sounds like a perfect arrangement, no?
Enjoy the site - I'm new here too, and I find it just the right balance of advice without boring you to death with troll-style criticisms.
Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of the Colony. Competitions look enticing, but check their reputation in the literary world as well as how many people enter, for some are real money-making rackets.
It's not a company scam.

The history of UK Creative Arts
The organization UK Creative Arts started life as the Teach Education Programme in 2002. The programme consisted of older teenagers teaching music and dance to primary-school-age children. The thinking behind the programme was that younger children would more easily be able to relate to teenage teachers than to adult teachers.

The programme turned out to be very successful. The younger children learned new artistic skills, while the teenage teachers were able to pick up leadership and mentoring skills. Based on the success of the initial programme, the organization which is now known as UK Creative Arts was formed. The two initial goals of the Teach programme – to support both learners of creative arts and leaders of creative arts – remain our two main goals today. Along the years, projects have included a London-based youth orchestra, whose members had the opportunity to work with professional musicians and film crew in a history documentary for a major TV production company. In that instance, it was the first time that the young musicians had had the opportunity of working on a professional set, and the experience gave them more confidence to tackle their chosen career, and a broader skill set.

Although initially based in the Music and Dance fields, UK Creative Arts now organizes and plans projects in all fields of the creative arts. Its objectives and aims are to support both professionals working in the UK Creative Arts industry, and those aspiring to become members of the profession.
Welcome Anna. You should find plenty of useful information here, lot's of opinions, and cake. Well, the later has probably been eaten but you never know ;)
Hi everyone.

So sorry I didn't reply, but I was busy this weekend. I'm visiting family in Spain. Thank you to all of you for your advice - in the end I entered the comp, so we'll see what happens.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, you asked about my first novel. Thank you for asking! Well. it's called 'The Sea and the Horses'. It isn't published yet, but I'm trying to promote it as much as I can to find a publisher before going down the self-publishing route.

The plot tells the story of a young art student called Sally Larkins who travels to Eastbourne on a painting holiday accompanying her aunt. There she falls madly in love with the son of local bad-boy Jonnie Rayner. It's a comedy-romance (not a romantic comedy!). It's really more of a romance than a comedy, and it's partly autobiographical, based on my experiences when I went on holiday with my aunt to the seaside.

In my second novel, Dawn in the Dusk, The main character, Lynne, embarks on a relationship with the son of her boss. But soon, things turn sour, and she has to choose between the love of her life, and her career.

I'm afraid that's all for the moment - I haven't got to the end yet!!
Anna, welcome to Litopia! Good to see a new member from Kent!
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Open Sub Opportunities: Haunted Waters Press (US)

The Bookseller and a Book Launch Fanfare