Has anyone here used Wattpad?

38 Calls for Submissions in December 2018 - Paying markets

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Nov 27, 2017
And if you have, what did you make of it.

I'm just at the exploration stage, poking about the site, seeing what's what. Not sure if it's for me as a writer, but I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences.
I joined to have a look around as well. Haven't done much with it yet. I was also looking at Inkitt as it is a combined platform and publisher. My main concern with sites like these is how publishers may penalise you for having your work out there and available (even if it's in draft form).

On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if any audience is better than none. Perhaps I'll test them out with a short story that I haven't been able to resell and see how it goes.

I would also be keen to hear from anyone who publishes on either platform.
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I posted a piece, entitled A NIGHT OUT IN WHITECHAPEL by davidweller06, ages ago. Just like Amazon, visibility is the main problem to any submission being discovered. So far mine has attracted only 86 views.

If you watched Pop Up Submissions on 12th August and want to find out what Lady Chlamydia did with that golf club, take a look and help increase my viewing figures.
Yes, I'm not sure how you increase visibility there - any more than you can when you self-publish. I'm hopeless at self promotion; it's what puts me off any form of digital publishing. I wouldn't post my newer work on Wattpad but am considering publishing an old (very old. Positively venerable) unpublished novel on there to test the waters. I need to read and learn and explore it a little more first.
Not open for further replies.

38 Calls for Submissions in December 2018 - Paying markets