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Happy New Year!

Catherine Le Bars

Kate Le Bars
Full Member
On this day two years ago, I breathed in smoke and wondered how Sydney could possibly see fit to celebrate NYE with fireworks while so much of the east coast burned. That morning started with a terrifying thunderclap as the fires raging towards our small town created their own weather. It sounded as though the sky had exploded. New Year’s Eve will never feel the same to me again. My only solace was my beautiful sister @gbhunt, who had stayed with me instead of taking the opportunity to evacuate to safety while she still could.
That said, this morning I found a beautiful orchard swallowtail butterfly had finally hatched from his chrysalis. As a caterpillar, he ate half my lime tree, but it was worth leaving him to it and to see him spread his wings today.
Here's to a Happy New Year for everyone x


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