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Reality Check Great Value Laptop

Brush Up Your Presentation

Paul Whybrow

Full Member
Recently, I’ve had computer woes, which rendered my work laptop inoperative. My old laptop still works, just about, but is slow and unreliable, so I searched around for a modern replacement to use to tackle the Black Screen of Death.

By chance, I came across a tablet which was unfeasibly cheaply-priced, but which had glowing reviews on Amazon.

I checked for online reviews, finding universal praise for the GeoBook 2E.

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At £99, what did I have to lose? I have Prime membership, so it was with me the next day.

I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and I am delighted….the best £99 I’ve ever spent

It does have a few anomalies:

* As the tester in the YouTube video comments, the soft-touch plastic on the lid collects scuffs every time it’s touched – I dare say you could write a rude message if you tried!

* I made the common error of plugging the charger into the wrong socket (for the headphones, which is on the right-hand side) whereas I needed the charger socket on the left. No damage done.

* It may have just been my GeoBook, but the connector for the mains lead into the transformer was extremely stiff, needing a strong push to fit into place.

Overall, it’s an astonishing buy. Ideal for when your trusted computer lets you down, or for when a family member ‘borrows’ it.

Highly recommended!


Brush Up Your Presentation