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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
One of the ways that ACX, the vetting arm of Audible, helps authors to market their audiobooks is by issuing Promo Codes.

The idea is that these are given to online book reviewers, other writers and friends and family in the hope that they leave a written review. Star ratings are nice, but on their own, they say nothing about what the story was like to read. Reviews are the oxygen that makes a book breathe.

At present, I have the five existing titles of my Cornish Detective series for sale on Audible. I have fifty Promo Codes for each title, so thought to give members of The Colony first choice; apparently, I can apply for more codes once ten have been redeemed.

They look like this on Audible and each has a sample of the story: | Unlock a listen for every moment

If any of you are interested in a free listen, I suggest that you tackle the series in order as there is a story arc. Be warned: these are crime novels featuring violence as well as a certain amount of rudery! o_O

I hope that my voice doesn't send you to sleep! Please leave a review!

Here’s how to redeem a code:

Message me here and I’ll send you a code.

Another series of two books featuring Art Palmer a post-American Civil War survivor will be going live soon.

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Giving It Away