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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
Folks, there will be various software updates coming imminently, maybe with a (hopefully small) amount of downtime.

At the same time, and for several reasons, I’m going to take the opportunity to pare back the design of the forums a bit.

The current design has had a fairly mixed reception, many of the comments reflecting the fact that it doesn’t translate well to mobile devices, which is how more than half our members access us (don’t forget that for Android users, there’s a mobile app).

I’ve had several long discussions with other forum managers recently. There seem to be two opposite schools of thought in terms of design.

First, like it or loathe it, some people say that the “Facebook look” is the future, and if we don’t start ressembling Facebook, we’re toast. I have explored this option with various coders and designers, and apart from being really expensive, I believe it’s the wrong path. Facebook is a disreputable site, I deplore its values, and even imitating its look gives me the creeps. Plus, Facebook has a minor country full of web designers at its disposal… which we don’t.

The second option is what I’m more attracted to. It’s a bit old-fashioned - a bit “old school”. It reflects bulletin board design as it has slowly developed over the past few decades. For newcomers, the learning curve is steeper than Facebook. But I think it suits our ethos a whole lot more. After all, people don’t come here to pretend they’re on Facebook. If we look a bit fundamental, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It feels more authentic.

Anyhow, you’ll see us imminently switch to a more restrained, serious, stripped-back “old-school” look. Hopefully it won’t confuse you too much! Please let me know how you find it.
Old school is new school, as they say (well, at least in music terms) and definitely no to Facebook... but definitely yes to cake x
(And on that note, @Robinne Weiss , have you made any more of your spectacular cakes recently?? Pics please :) )
Sadly, the children have mostly left home and aren't here on their birthdays, so no excuse for weird cakes. However, it hasn't stopped me from making cake. I've been on a pumpkin cake kick lately, because we're trying to use up last year's frozen pumpkin before the summer garden kicks in.
Not open for further replies.

Is Amazon changing the novel? NewYorker book review

Best Novel Opening competition