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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
I enjoy various hot beverages, including Earl Grey tea, green tea, various herbal teas, coffee and hot chocolate. Looking for something different in my local supermarket, I bought a jar of Ovaltine.

This was a regular drink in my childhood, a nighttime treat rivalled by Horlicks. Both are sweetened malted drinks, though Horlicks is usually made with milk, as can Ovaltine be, but the modern formulation suggests using water.

Horlicks - Wikipedia

Ovaltine - Wikipedia

Ovaltine was heavily promoted in the 1950s and 1960s, innocent times when children joined the Ovaltineys Club.

I think that I must have been a member. Back then, there was much competition among drink manufacturers aimed at those in need of comfort in a mug. I recall owning a sculpted melamine Bournville drinking chocolate mug which showed a contented sleeping face topped by a nightcap lid to keep the drink warm.


I hadn’t tasted Ovaltine for forty years, so I made myself a mug of it when I got home. I was pleasantly surprised at its tastiness!

We’ve previously discussed food treats and cravings in various threads

But, are there any childhood favourite drinks and food that you still enjoy?

Uh-oh, I could be regressing….I’m getting a hankering for some rusks mashed in milk! :rolleyes:

We used have Ovaltine in Philippines when I was young but I haven't seen it in years. I think it must have been forced out by the huge number of other lower cost alternatives from other parts of the world. I will look for it the next time I am in the market to see if they have it. For now I ho with lemon tea, green tea and Earl Grey.
Ovaltine is popular here in Thailand. I make it with hot milk and add a dash of whisky for a delicious bedtime drink. :)
Almost 9pm here so maybe I'll have an early one :)
Water, siphoned into a flask straight from a little steam, high up in a Swiss mountain while on a remote hike. All you had to worry about was that no cow could climb higher than you, as that could potentially have contaminated it.

Rivella!! A Swiss drink made from milk serum. I buy a load when I visit then bring it back to the UK.

Same goes for chocolate, by the way.
The thing I would crave would be the kind of white rolls you can only get in Scotland, but I can't see a way to get them.

Other than that, I have two friends who never come to visit, in Italy, without loading themselves down with tins of Heinz beans and Heinz tomato soup for me.
I can remember a family member, a lecturer at Tunis University, telling me that the 'hot ticket' of the raffle at the expat club had been one tin of Heinz beans. Back then I thought that was amazing.
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