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FYI Bundling on KDP & Audible

Greetings! Hello to you all.

Greetings! Hello all!

Paul Whybrow

Full Member
Whilst investigating how best to promote myself and my audiobooks, I came across an eye-opening change to Kindle Direct Publishing that also applies to Audible’s audiobooks.

It used to be that KDP allowed titles to be bundled into a series, but forbade a discount for buying in bulk. This was daft, as Amazon allowed every other product to be priced attractively if bought in a multi-pack, so why not books? They’d permit a bundle to be made, but the asking price had to be the sum total of all the titles—hardly enticing! :rolleyes:

This afternoon, I found that they’d changed their policy. I was checking how to dispense what are called ACX Promo Codes. ACX is the vetting arm of Audible which runs a quality control test on any audiobook recording uploaded to them. Each title that’s accepted as OK to be shelved on Audible gets issued 25 of these Promo Codes.

The idea is that a writer uses the codes to promote their audiobooks by giving them to reviewers, family and friends—asking that they leave a star rating and, more importantly, a written review. My fifth Cornish Detective audiobook was given the green light this afternoon, so I now have 125 Promo Codes to allocate those fancying a free read!

It used to be that audiobooks ‘sold’ in this way still received royalties, but Amazon changed the rules in March 2020 halting payments. The Promo Codes remain a good way of getting attention for your titles, but it means keeping an eye on whether the code has been redeemed. If not, give it to someone else.

Bundling eBooks, POD paperbacks and audiobooks requires designing a cover for the series, as well as redoing and re-recording numerous time-consuming title and opening and closing credits to make a separate and distinct value-for-money product. Actually, remembering the shambolic state of ACX’s upload software in late 2020, I shudder at the thought of uploading a total of the 217 chapters (each is separately uploaded) that would make my Cornish Detective bundle; it should take a few hours, but it might take several days. :(

One aspect of bundling that I’m uncertain of at present is whether the author can set the price, as with individual audiobooks the price is decided by the running time.

Despite this problem, I think that bundling titles to make a series could be lucrative.


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Greetings! Hello to you all.

Greetings! Hello all!