BookBrunch on Pop-Ups: State of the Publishing Business

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
I hope you enjoyed last week’s Pop-Ups which featured special guest Neill Denny, joint editor of the publishing industry’s daily news bulletin BookBrunch. Neill has one of the most incisive and comprehensive takes on the publishing business in anyone I’ve ever encountered. If you want to know how the industry is shaping up, you should listen to Neill.

If you didn't catch the show live, here are some timestamps to some of the topics we covered:
Read the full show description on YouTube for more timestamps.
@AgentPete & everyone

Does anyone else have a problem viewing this? I've tried several different things but it freezes a few seconds before 9mins and stays on the freeze frame until the end.

Last nights YT stops about 42mins and stays stuck on that frame until the end.

In a way, I hope it's not me, but if it's fine for others, does anyone know how I can fix it so I can watch them?
Hi @CageSage

There is an issue currently and @AgentPete is monitoring. We are unsure if the fault is with YT or us.
Either way, hopefully the situation will be rectified within the next 24 hours.
Not open for further replies.

Iconic Book Covers

YouTube Freezing