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Aug 29, 2017
West Midlands
Hello everyone :)

I can't quite believe it has taken me this long to take my dream of writing seriously! I won my first award for writing back in 1996 from the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, when I wrote for the stage. Teaching swallowed up the last 25 years and when my father died of liver cancer 2 years ago I realised if I didn't take my writing seriously, no-one else would and that that would be a huge regret for me. So...

I took voluntary redundancy, invested in a macbook and wrote my first YA historical fiction book complete at 83,000 words. I worked with a reading panel and with the Writer Workshop, who provided Editorial feedback . I worked through three drafts and now, in two weeks time I'm off to the Festival of Writing in York (tad nervous - yet equally excited).

I'm looking forward to the next steps of this adventure, getting to know you all and embracing as much of Litopian opportunity as I can!

Best Wishes
Hello and good luck in York :) There's plenty of YA passion here. I'm writing for the adult market but I'm also tutoring a 12 year old. There's big change afoot in the GCSE English syllabus and her father is desperate to encourage her to widen her reading beyond Harry Potter. Fantasy is what she loves and she'll be studying MacBeth next term.

I started her with Skellig, David Almond. Last time, I sent her away with The Midnight Folk by John Masefield, and Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. Next time, it'll be The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, Garner.

It's such a rich vein in literature, and never mind the YA label; we've barely even got started: The Sword In The Stone, The Hobbit, Earthsea...

ADD I should have mentioned Pullman. I really ought. Why didn't I? Um, never managed to make myself read him.
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Welcome aboard! And go you for being so organised and proactive! Its disgusting, it is!:p
Welcome Julie. I write crime fiction and social realism.

York looks interesting, but I am going to try and get to the Durham Literature Festival as it is much nearer to me and if the events aren't fully booked. Give my regards to York and enjoy it.
Hello Julie and welcome! Hope you enjoy the Festival of Writing in York! :)

I'm planning to go to the Winchester Writers' Festival in June next year. Hopefully, I will have 2 completed manuscripts (YA Sci-fi and Womens' thriller) in hand to pitch to the agents there. Does anyone else have any experience of writers' festivals?
Not open for further replies.

A new market

Making Accurate Internet Searches