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Paul Whybrow

Full Member
Stumbling along the self-promotion path in 2021, I’ve been casting around for unusual (and cheap) ways of advertising my Cornish Detective series.

I had a brainwave this morning (clunk!) while thinking about how British cars don’t need to display a road tax disc on the windscreen these days. Maybe, I could use my newly acquired Volvo as an advertising hoarding. Trades people use vinyl decals and magnetic signs attached to their trucks, so why not authors too?

I could get a decal made up using this image for my crime series, adding my website address and where the stories can be bought at KDP and Audible.


That would be on the flat rear doors of my estate, to be read when parked and in traffic jams.

This marketing malarkey is turning me into a tart! I’ll be hanging around beneath lampposts on street corners soon, tempting passers-by with “Pssst, fancy a crime novel, mister?” ;)

I might add this sticker to my driver’s door, just in case someone needs a novel written in an emergency!


What do you think?

Digital v Paper

Flash Club Contest! April Flash Club is now open