Help Please! Attribution for Quotes

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Jul 26, 2018
Would anybody know whether I would need to get permission to use a quote (it will be attributed, of course) in this circumstance: I design and illustrate a “Book of Days”, a limited edition, hand bound journal/diary. I write an invocation and make several artworks for it, based around different quotes (for example, last year, the cover had the Rumi quote: “Only from the heart can you reach the sky”). I have sold these through my blog and word of mouth for a few years. It is a labour of love rather than a money-making venture (apart from the hand-illustration and painting and designing, I collate and bind each one: a glutton for punishment for sure)

It has been astonishingly successful, and this year, I have been asked by several (very nice) retail outlets could they stock them. When it was just me selling them as a small “arty” project, I wasn’t too worried about the permission etc. But if I am putting it “out there”, do I just continue on and worry if I get a complaint? They aren’t officially published, etc. Would a quote be considered to be “Intellectual property” in the same way as using someone’s painting/poem, and if attributed, do you still need permission (for the quote)?

Or would anyone know what direction to point me in to find this out?
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