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Book Review: Wolf Hall: Page to screen.

Litopia - a sleeping dog?

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Sep 25, 2014
Novels for the adult market wanted by Agents Conville & Walsh. It must be at least partly written, 30 k and preferably completed.

Sub deadline is Jan 31st, you cannot enter if you already have an agent. Well, that's not me, yet, 6 rejections clocked up, so....

What do they want?

'Novels which linger long in the mind.'

Details here: Word of Mouth Novel Competition
Thanks for posting Katie-Ellen. I may once again gather all my hope together, take a deep breathe, and plunge into the rejection chamber...
Thanks for posting @Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Damn it, 30 k? My first book (which is the shortest) is 3 times that :/ lol Och well... there's always self publishing. I think I am about 12 rejections down now. Giving it till I finish book 5. If I still have no luck then, I'll self publish the lot ;) Thanks for posting though xxx

EDIT: Just checked... it's a minimum of 30K written. OH! Ok, will maybe give it a go then ;)
Saw it on Twitter. I tweeted another agent yesterday, pitched novel in a half tweet, and the agent asked to see 3 chapters.
Hehe cool. Well my original stand alone novel that morphed into 3 then 5 books is now looking like an epic 3 series set of 15 haha! What the hell do you call that... 'Generational Fantasy.'

Still, I'm loving writing it so I can't complain. At least I know where it starts and ends. I'm going to give this a go and submit the first 3 I think :)
Good luck to anyone and everyone. I've had two novels rejected by them, so I won't be trying again. Still waiting on an answer from a publisher, so I can wait, whilst still writing and editing :)
Thank you for sharing this information - I may well enter.
if i had another finished i would try but they've already turned down my book, so i don't want to re-apply just yet
Good luck to all of you that submit! I'll have my fingers crossed for you just as soon as I finish typing this (I tried to type while finger crossing, wasn't too comfortable!). Keep us in the know. :D
We won't hear anything until the 14th of April when the winner and shortlisted are annoneed xx
Not open for further replies.

Book Review: Wolf Hall: Page to screen.

Litopia - a sleeping dog?