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Question...? Accounting Software

FYI Does age matter in publishing?

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Paul Whybrow

Full Member
Do any members of the Colony use free software to keep track of their accounts?

With the success of my audiobooks, it might be that I’ll have to pay income tax next year. o_O Up until recently, I’ve been so poor, that I knew, to the penny, how much cash I had left in my pocket and bank account.

Now, since becoming a pensioner, I’ve got that coming in, along with Working Tax Credit + royalties from Audible. Going out are payments for renting space on the internet, instalments for car insurance and road tax, council tax, mobile broadband and a few other sundries.

Looking online, I see various software recommended for authors:

Best Accounting Software for Authors » Read. Write. Hustle.

I need something, as I’m running out of fingers and toes!


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Hannah F

Full Member
I just use a monthly spreadsheet. Your accounts expenses will be anything to do with your work e.g. paper, ink, reference books, etc used (with receipt evidence) + broadband, electricity, space rental etc per hour of work. If you don't drive for work, it won't include anything to do with your car. If you do make work related journeys, your probably best just to use the flat rate of 0.45p per mile (so you don't calculate fuel, wear and repair, etc per mile). I use flat rate for electricity too which is a fixed amount per month depending on the number of work hours you do at home (which will be detailed on your self-assessment documents or the self-assessment website).

FYI Does age matter in publishing?

Short Story Hunters - Podcast Launch