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Imaginary Friends Revisited

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Crazy Little Ditty

I am an Author, tried and true.
I might not be published, but I ain’t blue.
I can do that myself, it’s true, it’s true.
I have books, I have books,
and I wrote them too.

We are the front line,
of every story.
We seem to go unnoticed sometimes,
but don’t get blue.

Times they say are changing,
gads, ain’t that true!
But we will match on,
and still write the words so true.

Even our fiction speaks loudly,
you can’t have a story without us.
Cause we write the words that no-one else can,
cause we are the Authors, we are the Authors.

When imagination was handed out,
we wrote the story that said it was true.
Even our fiction comes first,
cause we invent the words that ring true.

So when you want a story,
a taste of good ol’ imagination,
you need us,
cause not every silly bugger can write those words,
those words that say imagination is fine and dandy.
Ain’t that true.
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Reading Tastes

Imaginary Friends Revisited