1. James Marinero

    The Ups and Downs of Reviews

    Last night set me thinking when I received this feedback: Over all not a bad story, the first third of the book deals with the background/back story of the main players, maybe a little too much detail. The story picked up after that, it moved along till this last bit, now its slowed down again...
  2. James Marinero

    Netgalley anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone here has had experience of using Netgalley and what the outcomes were? It's not cheap (all things are relative I know) and we've just put my latest book 'Cause of All Causes' on there. So far it's been encouraging(?) with 7 cover likes and 50 download requests for...
  3. James Marinero

    Getting a perspective on your work/ Self Pubbing

    This post doesn't really apply to those who follow the trad-pub route, but they may find it of interest. It's aimed at those of us who self-pub. Authoring is lonely enough, but when you self pub you have much more to be lonely about. From everything I'd read about publishing, it was the...
  4. Katie-Ellen

    The Art of the Heart -Felt Review

    On Trip Advisor. This cri de coueur from a most pitiful gentleman: 'Youssef A' about accommodation in Manchester City Centre: 'When you enter the house you smell foul feel like you will die because of it. And when you go to the living room do not know where we can sit many of dirt. When you go...
  5. James Marinero

    Of interest (maybe) to self-publishers

    What I found particularly interesting in this is the way in which trad publishers gamed the NYT best seller list (reportedly of course) in the good old days. Agent Pete might have some comments...