1. Rich.

    Question: Historical fiction – when to stop researching?

    Hi folks, This is a pretty open question (perhaps also a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string? question), but I know some of you write historical fiction, so I thought I'd ask. At what point do you say, "Enough already, these are my sources and now I must write"? I appreciate that research is an...
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Badger Poo. And Wombat Poo.

    What does it smell like? We want to get it right. We want to know. This question came up in a recent Pop-Up with special guest publisher Nic Cheetham from Head of Zeus. Sweet and musky, apparently, and they dig latrines. More about badger poo and other wildlife poo HERE Me? I do pellets of...
  3. Nicole Wilson

    The Google Searches of Writers

    As I've mentioned before, I'm positive I'm on at least one government watch list because of my Google searches for my book research. With as many times I've looked up guns and bombs and the like, there's no way I'm not. That said, I've seen some fun responses to this topic on other social media...