1. James Marinero

    Monday Motivation

    I'm not big on submissions and querying (I think I've written 20 in my life). I can't take rejection. I know that many of you on here have piles of R letters. Then, writing this made me think about all those inventors and engineers who were told "it will never work" - e.g. Frank Whittle, the...
  2. James Marinero

    Motivation? Inspiration? Dedication? Perseverance?

    Some days I don't feel like writing, so I do some admin, some marketing, some artwork. One foot in front of the other, despite what people may say. I read this today. Cheering. Life on Magrs: I Can Write Like a Dream
  3. Erica Verrillo

    19 Writing Conferences in August 2017

    Litopians! Arise and congregate! There are some great conferences coming up in August. Writing conferences are not only the best way to meet agents, get tips from other writers, and learn about the publishing industry, they make you feel like a writer. We all need community, and this is how we...